Sunday, July 9, 2017

NSE market glitch what could be the reason

On 9th July NSE cash market and FNO market both crashed due to some system glitch which is being investigated by their team,  the reason for this glitch could be Extreme buying seen by the FIIs due to the short covering of the bank nifty and NSE the order size was so huge that the entire market was taken down.

What could be the reason for this glitch?

The obvious reason could be that variable used to store the number of orders was breached or compromised due to extreme number of orders place during the early morning trade. 

The other reason could be the processing capability of the exchange. If a huge number of orders are continuously processed the cores of the CPU would breach threshold and would reboot the platform that hosts the NSE application.

The latest from NSE

NSE data feeds - the best 5 bids and offers is wrong today for all brokerages. Due to this all market orders aren't going through as well. You can trade on BSE until this is corrected. We are speaking to the exchanges about this. We will update the bulletin as soon as we get an update.

Whats next?

NSE Pre-open market will start at 10.30 AM and Normal at 10.45 AM. Updated at 10.22 AM

NSE restarting for the day. Pre-open market will start at 10.30 AM, Normal market at 10.45 AM. Still waiting on an update on what will happen to all the trades done today till now.

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