Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ujjivan Financial Services Q1 FY 2017-18 bad result but good prospects

The results for the company were declared today and the results are as per the guidance provided by Ms. Sudha Suresh, MD & CEO Ujjivan Financial Services were as per the expectation.


Summary of Financial Performance Ujjivan Financial Services

Q4 FY 16-17 All the financials in this presentation are consolidated numbers 
Total Income at ₹358.64 crore, an increase of 8.90% over Q1-FY17 and an increase of 5.48% over Q4-FY17
NII at ₹138.22 crore, a decrease of 19.66% over Q1-FY17 and an increase of 7.72% over Q4-FY17 
NIM at 9.23 % in Q1-FY18 decreased from 12.96% in Q1-FY17 and an increase from 7.14% in Q4- FY17 
Cost to Income ratio at 78%, increased from 45.6% in Q1-FY17 and 76.69 % from Q4-FY17Net Loss at ₹74.94 crore on account of high credit cost and moderate growth in revenue due to flat loan book and increased npa 
Deposit base of ₹403.7 Crore against ₹206.4 crore in March 2017 Average Cost of Deposits is 5.6%

Summary of Financial Performance Ujjivan Small Finance bank

“UJJIVAN SMALL FINANCE BANK”, today announced its consolidated financial performance for the quarter ended June 30, 2017. 

Summary of Business Performance – Q1 FY 2017-18: 

All the financials indicated are consolidated numbers Gross Loan Book at ₹6,459.27 crore; growth of 10.40% over Q1-FY17 and an increase of 1.25% over Q4-FY17
Managed portfolio as on June 30, 2017 at ₹348.57 crore 
Net Loan Book at ₹6,110.70 crore; growth of 9.95 % over Q1-FY17 and an increase of 4.08 % over Q4-FY17 
Disbursement at ₹1,701.92 crore; decrease of 9.41% over Q1-FY17 and an increase of 20.97% over Q4-FY17 
1.76 lakh new borrowers added during the quarter; Total Borrowers stands at 36.25 lakh 
Collection efficiency back to normal for new business at 99.76% from January to June’17
Secured portfolio increased to ₹150 crore from ₹117 crore in March 2017 
GNPA at 6.16% and NNPA at 2.30%, as sticky Nov-Jan over dues rolling over to higher buckets 
Provisions for Q1 FY 2017-18 at ₹150 crore including ₹43 crore of additional provision to cover hard core NPAs of Nov-Jan period Provision Coverage Ratio at 64%

Faadoo Stocks Recommendation

The stock may correct 5-10% and one can make an entry when the stock corrects around 275 levels which is previous support.

We might see weakness at opening with a strong volatility in first few mins, traders must wait price action to settle till the 5 mins candle close in order to initiate any action as first few minutes are generally for speculation and then once it ends the price action will follow the trend. If the price action moves below 300 levels then I shall short it for the target of 290-85 levels, which is the next strong support. Whereas If it goes down in beginning near 300 levels and did not close near it on 5mins chart or hourly then I shall maintain my trade setup and wait for a close above 322 to add further for target of 330-40 levels. Both the trade setups are well balanced. Kindly stay calm and initiate right decision as what you need to follow is trend and not the speculation.  Thanks, Good Night

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