Friday, September 8, 2017

Multibagger stock pick by Faadoo Stocks GM Breweries

Multibagger stock pick by Faadoo Stocks

This stock GMBREW has potential to double in 6 months the consolidation after supreme court ban on sale of liquor has taken the toll and stock prices have corrected sharply in fact overreacted. The stock is available at reasonable valuations fundamentally and technically looks very strong on charts. The recent volume build up is an indicator that people have started accumulating this stock.

The stock is trading way below its SMA120 and PPMA30

CMP 431
SL 370
Target 800

Holding period 6 9 months !!!

GMBREW - Fundamentals

CMP 431.00
FV 10.00
PE 8.65
EPS 49.80
BV 154.56 (31/03/2016)
Divd 0.25 (30/06/2016)
CashOps 59.86 (31/03/2016)
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